INTRODUCTION AM   Technology   (PTY)   Ltd   was   established and        formally        introduced        to        the telecommunicaton market in August 2017. AM   Technology   was   founded   and   managed by   highly   dedicated   and   skilled   individuals   in various    fields    within    the    industry.        We    are pleased     to     say     we     have     a     very     trustful relationship   with   our   clients   and   have   been working   well   within   our   client   specifications and expectations. Our   teams   are   up-skilled   and   fully   certified according   to   our   client   requirements   and   are dedicated   to   the   service   that   we   deliver.   AM Technology     has     years     of     experience     and knowledge    within    the    telecommunications industry.   This   favours   the   implementation   of all   Mobile   SP   products,   hardware   installations i.e,   Huawei,   Ericsson,   Nokia   equipment   to   all GSM      Networks.      Radio      Frequency,      Civils works,    New    Site    Builds    within    Health    and Safety     Policy.          We     pride     ourselves     on administration        of        As-Builds,        C-MODs ,                  customer    relationships    as    well    as    people management, project budgets and costing.
AM Technology (Pty) Ltd  •  TEL 011 056 9915    •  EMAIL
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